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Mozire is a ‘tech positive’ organization that emphasizes the benefits of online participation to internet users. However, there are many challenges people face when going online.

Mozire is at the forefront of online safety practice. Whether it is a cyber safety, cybercrime or cybersecurity challenge, our knowledge across all areas of digital challenge is unique in Mozire expertise is recognized and respected globally.

Mozire has an unrelenting focus on supporting all United states to reduce their chances of coming unstuck and supporting them if things do go wrong. Mozire provides educational, incident response and advisory services directly to individual internet users, government, commercial and civil society organizations.

Mozire works with a range of national and international government, business and civil society organization's to strengthen and extend the online safety education and support services available around the globe.
" Consistent Patch Management Is the First Line of Defense against Being Hacked "

   -- We Do That to secure you
Do you ever feel like all you do is patch your systems to fix security vulnerabilities and deter hackers? If you answer yes to this question, good for you! If you constantly feel pressure to patch your systems the right way but can’t seem to find time - at least it’s on your radar. Many IT professionals and their managers don’t think about proactively patching their systems until a breach occurs.

Patching is avoidable but inevitable. The only real solution to eliminating the need for patches is developing secure software in the first place, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. A large portion of security incidents can be prevented with some good patching practices, so there’s simply no reason not to have a solid patch management process in place.

Mozire simplifies IT management with affordable software that offers the ease of use SMBs need and the powerful features the largest enterprises demand. More than 120,000 companies around the world - including three of every five Fortune 500 companies - trust our products to manage their networks and data centers, business applications, and IT services and security.
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Mozire simplifies IT management with affordable software service that offers the ease of use SMBs need and the powerful features the largest enterprises demand.

It is a trust that our products to manage their network securely and finding their flaws and rectifying them