Store infinite data as objects in S3 compatible and scalable cloud space

Media hosting

Object storage assigns a URL to each media file, making it ideal for streaming services. Store your video, audio, docs, or graphic materials, like photos, templates, footage, etc.

Big data

Unstructured Big Data fit great for Object Storage. If neural networks are involved in big data analysis, you can customize their analytics based on the meta-information of objects.


Set up automatic data backups to Object storage and sleep well. The storage clusters are redundant and have a triple replication. It is the most reliable space for it.

If your are working in unbalanced data and needs to be in proper manner . Come to us!!

S3 & Swift support

Provide fast integration with existing tools and apps on API.

Scaling your storage at your service

Forget about limits. Object storage clusters scale to any size.



There’s no need to plan ahead for additional storage space to meet your growing needs. With object storage, store all types of files without being blocked by a potential lack of disk space.

Access Control List (ACL) management

You may configure particular permission permissions for objects and containers, by both user and permission scheme.


We offer you with collaborative solutions as said by a committed and resilient infrastructure, monitored by our teams 24 / 7.

S3 credential generation

You may create logging info that are particular to this use. Simply replace the endpoints in the application by utilizing these logging info to obtain this compatibility.

Large objects

Object Storage allows you to store objects of all sizes, from small to very large, with no size limit. For example, you can store files containing several terabytes of data.

Temporary URL

You can use temporary URLs to provide read or write access to an object, for a specific period of time. Once the time period has elapsed, the URL will no longer be valid.


The thing metadata in an automated manner includes an MD5 signature, with the aim of guarantee the integrity of your transferred thing.

Large storage space

You may use up to 100 buckets per S3 constitute thing storage.

Manage storage via S3 and Swift API

Thing Storage is compatible with S3 and fast API, supporting integration with S3-enabled applications and third-party tools.
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File system vs Object Storage: what’s the difference?

There are many differences. The two most important differences are the fact that Object Storage is used for static data only, and that the solution offers unlimited storage space.

Object Storage vs block storage: what’s the difference?

The differences between Object Storage and Block Storage are mainly the access modes and volume limitations. The Block Storage service provides storage spaces that are sized as required and attached to an instance. These spaces are managed by the instance’s operating system.

How do I access and/or manipulate data in Object Storage?

There are several ways of manipulating the data stored on Object Storage. To integrate this management directly into your application, you can use one of the available SDKs.

What is the limit for the volume of data that can be stored on Object Storage?

We can manage the service, so that there is always space available.

What is Object Storage?

It is a technology that offers an online storage service. It is accessible via API, provides users with an unlimited amount of space to store data.

How does Object Storage work?

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